Thursday, January 24, 2013

Data Import / Exporting Cloud databases (Rackspace Databases) using MySQL Workbench(Version 5.2.44)

Following steps uses the MySQL Workbench software.

Download and Install the Workbench in your system.


1. Open the MySQL Workbench Software

2. Under "Server Administration" panel click the New Server Instance link. "Create New Server Instance Profile" window will open. 

Following step by step options to create the server administration instance.
 Under "Specify Host Machine" option. There are following 3 options 
   1. Localhost
   2. Remote Host
   3. Take Parameters from Existing Database Connection

Remote host connection: You can specify Hostname "Address" textbox under Remote Host option.
  -->  Enter the IP address or Hostname
  -->  And, Database Connection:
Enter the Connection Name, Method and parameters. Connection method should be Standard TCP/IP over SSH. So SSH Hostname, Username, Password  field need to filled. Along with MySQL Hostname, Username and password. MySQL Server Port is generally set as default value 3306. Then click next button. Skip and go to next step reading.

Take Parameters from Existing Database ConnectionIf you already created the database connection select the connection name option from the dropdown list in "Take Parameters from Existing Database Connection" option. Then Click Next button. Go to to next step.

3. Automatically testing the database connection with with given settings. Like, Opening Database Connection, Getting Server version, and Getting Server OS. Results the success or error message. If successfully tested Click Next button.

4. Under "Management and OS" option select type of remote management you want to use:
     Our cloud server configured with SSH login based management so i go with this option. Under "Operating System Selection" select your cloud server operating system from the "Operating system" drop down-list. Mine is Linux  and MySQL Installation Type is Ubuntu Linux (Vendor Package). Vendor Package is if you unsure of your version of OS. Then click next button.

5. SSH Configuration options need to give SSH Hostname and Username.Then click next button.

6."Testing Host Machine Settings" option shows the connection status with success or error options. If success, then click on next button.

7. Review settings popup will open, click on Continue. popup will close immediately.

8. Under "Create the Instance Profile" option default Server Instance Name will be shown. You can change with other name. Click on Finish button. Instance will be created and listed under Server Adminstration panel box.

  • Click on your Database server instance name. Admin Task and Object Browser window will open.
  • There are some categories like, MANAGEMENT, CONFIGURATION, SECURITY and DATA EXPORT / RESTORE.
  • Under DATA EXPORT / RESTORE category Select the Data Export or Data Import / Restore.

Data Export : Select the schema to export and select the options like, Export to Self-Contained File and choose the location where to save the .sql dump file. Then check the other checkboxes which are your requirements. By clicking on "Start Export" option MySQL workbench will generate SQL File under given directory.

Data Import/Restore : Under "Import from Disk" tab, Select any one of two options 
1) Import from Dump Project Folder: All tables of database will be created as separate files.
2) Or, Import from Self-Contained File: Whole database is created as a individual .sql file.

Select the "Default Schema to be Imported" from dropdown list.

And then click "Start Import" button to finish importing operation.


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